Face Shield Visor Combines Comfort and Flexibility

Face shield visor

At AWXC, our face shield visor is built with your comfort and safety in mind. That’s why we took the time to fully research and develop a face shield that affords you maximum comfort and flexibility while maintaining the safety rating necessary to allow you to do your job without unnecessary risk.

Face Shield Visor Combines Comfort and Flexibility

There is no getting around the fact that face shields and visors are built for safety more than they are built for comfort. At AWXC, we don’t believe that this means that you have to sacrifice comfort, though. So, we spent a great deal of time working with designers and production crews to create the ultimate visor which offers that extra degree of comfort.

Production Location

The first thing we decided to focus on was production location. As you are likely aware, items that are manufactured overseas generally aren’t manufactured to the same safety standard as items manufactured in the U.S. So we decided that to maintain the highest safety standard for our face shields, we limited our manufacturing to the United States. This means that every visor that we produce is made in the United States from quality materials, by fully trained and experienced workmen and women.

This first step was particularly important to us because any safety product (particularly one that will be sitting next to your face) needs to be made from top quality, non-toxic materials that are still durable enough to provide full protection against splashing, exposure to liquid droplets, and safety when you need it most.

High-Grade Velcro

The second important feature that we researched thoroughly before creating our shield is Velcro. Velcro may seem like a small and insignificant thing, but you might be surprised at how much of a difference there is between different types of Velcro materials. Different types of Velcro don’t just offer different levels of comfort when worn against the skin, but they also offer different levels of adhesion.

When it comes to Velcro, comfort means softness of the material against your skin but it also means adjustability. When we finally settled on a Velcro for the #FSCVF20 we made sure that it was flexible and soft enough for regular wear without catching in the hair or digging into the skin when tightened to a comfortable level.

Adhesion was also another big point of focus when developing our face shields. We know that the last thing you need is to have your face shield slide down your face because the Velcro wasn’t strong enough to hold it in place. So we invested in a sturdy and flexible Velcro that holds for as long as you need it to while having enough “give” to fit comfortably.

AWXC Face Shields

The FSCVF20 is our flagship visor design. It features our unique adjustable Velcro band to hold it in place, a thick and comfortable ergonomic foam band to protect your shield from rubbing against your skin during a busy shift, and a crystal clear shield to be sure that you can pay attention to every detail even when you’re behind a full visor for safety.

We currently offer two AWXC face shields for your personal and professional needs.

The Original FSCVF20

The original FSCVF20 is our flagship visor with a comfortable black band and thick ergonomic foam strip to hold the front of the visor tightly but comfortably against your head. It’s lightweight at 3.3 oz. and comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure your satisfaction.


The FSCVF20-V2W is our second safety visor which features our comfortable ergonomic foam band and the same strong Velcro strap as the FSCVF20. Equal in quality and design, the one feature that helps the V2W stand apart from our original visor is the white band that holds the comfortable foam strip in place.

Our Vent Plug

Don’t forget, too, that we offer a vent plug that fits both of our shields to provide complete protection by closing the ventilation vent for times when you need full and complete protection.

Are You Looking For a Face Shield Visor For Your Business and Healthcare Needs?

If you’re looking for a face shield visor to meet your business and healthcare needs, we invite you to try the FSCVF20. Built with comfort, flexibility, and safety in mind, it will meet your every need while keeping you safe and not breaking the bank.

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