Clear Face Shield: 7 Face Shield Facts You Really Need To Know!

Clear Face Shield

Here at AWXC, our clear face shield is one of our top selling products and reviews speak for themselves! But today we want to take a look at a few face shield facts that you really need to know!

Clear Face Shield: 7 Face Shield Facts You Really Need To Know!

1. The Face Shield Offers a Wider Array of Benefits Than Face Masks

Face Shields offer additional benefits over face masks – although they do not replace masks. Among the benefits offered by face shields are:

  • They protect the whole face.
  • They have less of an impact on breathing than face masks.
  • They fog up less than goggles used alongside a face mask.
  • They are easy to lift up and pull down.
  • They don’t muffle speech.
  • They are better vented than masks.
  • They are reusable and easy to clean.

2. Face Shields Save You Money!

Using masks can be very expensive and using disposable face shields can get pricey too! Fortunately, a reusable face shield is durable enough to last through many uses and washing in between uses ensures that your face shield is sanitized every time you need to use it. Unlike cloth masks, the face shield also stands up to regular cleaning without degrading over time as much as a cloth mask does.

3. Face Shields Are Not Porous

Paper masks and cloth masks are porous to  a certain extent which means that anything splashed onto them can compromise the integrity of your protection. This is problematic in both laboratory, medical, and public settings because any time your protection is compromised, you are putting yourself, your family, and the general public at risk as well!

4. Face Shields Made in the U.S. Must Meet Specific Standards

Many face masks are made by companies and individuals all over the country and plenty of them are not made to specific standards. A lack of standards means that many of these masks don’t actually protect in the way that they should. When it comes to face shields, however, The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has established specific standards that must be met in order for face shields to pass inspection and be useable.

5. Face Shields Provide An Added Layer Of Protection

Working in specific circumstances requires a certain degree of care and you need to have peace of mind that you have the maximum amount of protection needed to protect yourself. Sometimes the maximum amount of protection means wearing a mask and a face shield to keep airborne and splashback away from your skin.

6. Face Shields Are More Disability-Friendly

Face masks cover the mouth and make it difficult for people who are visually challenged to lip read and for people with difficulty understanding emotions to understand a situation. Face shields, however, create a see through shield which keeps you protected against hazards while also giving a clear view of your mouth and facial expression.

7. Face Shields Have a Low Learning Curve

Some personal protective equipment has a steep learning curve and can leave you feeling as though you aren’t fully protected because you aren’t quite sure that you are using it correctly. Face shields, however, have no learning curve at all and as soon as you fit the shield to your head, you are protected once you pull the shield down over your face!

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