AWXC Visor with Face Shield: 5 Qualities of the FSCVF Visor

visor with face shield

The AWXC visor with face shield or the FSCVF is a quality piece of PPE that stands apart from alternative options. But what is it that makes the FSCVF so different?

AWXC Visor with Face Shield: 5 Qualities of the FSCVF Visor

1. Ergonomic Foam Band

The ergonomic foam band on the FSCVF differs from the competition because it’s designed for more than just a secure fit. The foam band also creates a personalized fit for better comfort even during long work shifts.

2. Anti-Fog Feature

Not all face shields are designed for premium functionality, which means that not all face shields incorporate an anti-fog feature. The FSCVF does include an anti-fog feature, however, so that no matter how long your shift is, you can work in safety but maintain a clear view of exactly what you’re doing.

3. USA-Made

Not all personal protective equipment is made in the USA. In fact, a lot of PPE is made in China, where quality control and safety are lax and many products are made with sub-par materials.

At AWXC, the FSCVF is made exclusively in the U.S. This means that every piece of our visor with face shield is made from quality material and will stand up to regular use. Most importantly, though, the quality of materials means that you can have confidence knowing that you are healthy while still being protected against exposure to contaminants.

4. Washable and Reusable

Not all face shields and masks are reusable. In fact, many are disposable and that’s a problem for a number of reasons. Firstly, the cost of disposable personal protective equipment is prohibitive. Secondly, the amount of waste created by the use of disposable protective equipment is a huge problem for the environment. Thirdly, reusable personal protective equipment tends to be much more durable and that’s always a positive factor. Disposable personal protective equipment, however, tends to be much more flimsy.

5. Lifetime Warranty

Another of the biggest differences between FSCVF facial visors and other visors on the market is that AWXC incorporates a lifetime warranty with every one of our facial shields. This warranty covers the lifetime of our visors giving you complete peace of mind. Competing products, however, rarely offer any type of warranty, least of all, a lifetime warranty.

The lifetime warranty on our products isn’t just about giving you peace of mind, it’s a vote of confidence in our products, it’s our way of letting you know that we believe in our products.

Interested in the AWXC Visor with Face Shield?

If you are interested in the AWXC face shield, the FSCVF, take a closer look and see if it is right for your needs! Whether you are working in a laboratory setting, a healthcare setting, or working with chemical compounds, you deserve only the best of protection and FSCVF can provide you with just that!

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