A Face Shield Medical Staff Can Rely On

Face Shield Medical

It’s important that a face shield medical staff invest in is one that can be relied on to meet a number of different criteria. The FSCVF20 does just that.

A Face Shield Medical Staff Can Rely On


One of the biggest requirements for any piece of personal protective equipment is that it provides the necessary amount of protection. It seems simple enough, but not every PPE manufacturer is as dedicated to the purpose of their product as we are. What do we mean? Well, for some (rather unscrupulous) manufacturers and distributors of PPE, profit dictates everything that they do. This means that they are willing to take shortcuts and make adjustments to their product simply based on a profit margin alone. That is not us.

At AWXC our top priority is manufacturing a product that we can be proud of, a product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do – yes, even if that means cutting down our profit margin. Just one example of this is how we ship our masks to you.

Our shipment process begins with our employees who always wear their own face shield and gloves. Each face shield is then wiped down thoroughly with hospital-grade 99% alcohol and covered with a protective film. Each sanitized shield is then carefully placed into a fully-sealed bag that’s filled with nitrogen to provide as much protection during shipping as possible. Each bagged shield is then placed into the box fully-assembled and the box is sealed.


In addition to providing protection for the face, a great face shield should also be durable. Durability is important for a couple of reasons…

Firstly, medical staff need to know that they are being protected by a piece of equipment that can stand up to regular use in a medical environment. After all, what good is a piece of personal protective equipment if it doesn’t actually protect you because it’s too flimsy?

Secondly, personal protective equipment needs to be durable because of the nature of its use. As a reusable piece of “equipment”, it needs to be able to stand up to regular cleaning without degrading and putting the wearer at risk.

At AWXC our face shields are always built with durability in mind which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on your purchase.


Protection and durability are both crucial for any PPE piece, but so too is comfort. Why is it so important that face shields are comfortable? Because an uncomfortable face shield means a face shield that does not fit properly or conform to the contours of the head. What happens when a face shield doesn’t fit properly? Firstly, the wearer begins to “mess with” their face shield in an attempt to get comfortable. This in itself creates problems because it opens the wearer up to contamination. Secondly, if a face shield is uncomfortable, the wearer will be tempted to take it off or at least take much more frequent “breaks” from wearing their shield. This means a delay in medical research as well as unhappy workers, neither of which is great for the medical industry or the general public particularly in the time of a pandemic!

At AWXC, comfort was an important part of our design and manufacturing process. We want every member of the medical frontline workers to feel comfortable while they are fully protected by a sound financial investment!

There are a couple of features of our face shields that make them more comfortable than other options out there.

  • Firstly, our face shields each have a 1/4″ ergonomic form-fitting foam band around the head area. This band provides a custom fit for each face shield while also keeping the shield in place so that medical workers can focus on the task at hand and not on trying to keep their face shield in place.
  • Secondly, our face shields come with the option of a patent-pending vent plug. This is perfect for healthcare workers who are working in an environment where the vent of the face shield needs to be closed for safety.

Are You Looking For A Face Shield Medical Staff Can Rely On

If you’re looking for a face shield that your medical staff can rely on for safety, durability, and comfort, we invite you to try our FSCVF20! You can order yours right away through our online store or, if you have questions, just give us a call at 800-597-4051 (Toll-Free) or use our easy online chat feature!


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