Face Shield Protection Vs. Face Mask – What’s The Difference?

Face Shield Protection Vs. Face Mask - What's The Difference?

Today we’re talking about face shield protection versus face mask protection and answering the questions that you want to know the answers to!

Face Shield Protection Vs. Face Mask – What’s The Difference?

You may be wondering what the difference between a face shield and a face mask is, let’s start by taking a look at that…

A face shield looks much more like a shield than a mask – that is, a face shield has a clear screen that shields your entire face from the possibility of exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances. A face shield is held in place by a band that fits snugly around the forehead and the clear shield comes down from that band. The length of the screen of a face shield depends on the brand of shield that you purchase.

A face mask, however, is a flexible fabric mask that fits over the mouth only or the nose and mouth. Face masks are held in place with a manual tie that ties at the back of the head or with an elasticated tie.

Which Is Better?

Wondering whether a face shield or a face mask is better for you? The answer to this question depends on a couple of factors.

Firstly – are you working with dangerous chemicals or substances that could influence your health if your skin is exposed to them? In this instance, a face shield would provide the fullest protection because it covers your entire face and in some instances, it covers part of the neck too.

Secondly – which provides the safety and protection you need while also being comfortable enough to wear throughout the length of your shift. Of course, safety should always be the primary concern, but it’s also important that the protection that you choose is something that you will wear!

Thirdly – which PPE allows you to best do your job? In some instances a face shield may be too restrictive on your movement and so it is not the better option for your circumstances. In other instances, however, it’s more important that you maintain full facial coverage for protection. For example, if you are testing chemicals in the lab, you need a limited range of motion, but full facial protection is a must because of the dangers of splash back from chemicals that could cause burns, vision loss, or worse!

In other instances, however, a facial shield puts too much constraint on you as the wearer and a face mask provides enough facial protection without the concern of that limitation.

Which Can You Afford?

The price of face shields and face masks differs greatly depending on the type of face mask or shield you invest in. At AWXC, for example, we keep our costs low, but we also make sure that you have reusable protection that will ensure that you don’t have to keep buying new replacements! This reusable solution is, by far, the most cost effective option.

Looking For The Best Quality Face Shield Protection?

If you are looking for the best quality face shield protection, we encourage you to take a look at the FSCVF20 face shield in our online store!

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