Face Shield Visors: 7 Top Features of the FSCVF20

Face Shield Visors

At AWXC our face shield visors stand out from the rest for a number of reasons, but here are 7 of them!

Face Shield Visors: 7 Top Features of the FSCVF20

  1. Warranty

If a company doesn’t offer a warranty on their product, they don’t have confidence in their product. You should buy a product that comes with a warranty so that you are assured a top quality product.

2. Moldable Foam Band

The FSCVF has a moldable foam band designed for comfort and a personalized fit. Where many face shields will dig into your skin and create unsightly marks on your skin – not to mention the fact that the edge digging in to your skin really hurts! With our moldable foam band, your face shield sits in place without pain so that you can work unhindered and don’t have to worry about the quality of your work!

3. Anti-Fog Air Vent

The anti-fog air vent in the FSCVF facial shield has many benefits to shield users. The vent keeps you cooled during long shifts, but the optional vent plug gives you the option to close the vent when necessary for safety. So, whether you are working on a long term project or

4. Vent Plug

At AWXC, our facial visor doesn’t just include a vent, we offer a vent plug so that you can choose whether you want a vented or closed face shield and move between the two as you work when necessary.

5. Hard Wearing and Reusable

Not all facial shields are reusable and those that are aren’t don’t always have the quality of material that they should. This means that when you reuse, clean, and reuse your facial shield, repeatedly, the weaker materials begin to break down. At AWXC, we only use the best quality materials so that you never have to worry about the quality of your facial shield being compromised.

6. Affordability

Cost is a major factor when it comes to your facial shield. You are choosing a reusable face shield  to save money while remaining protected, but don’t try to go as cheap as you can because those cheap products are not made to last – try to save too much and you will wind up spending more when that cheap shield breaks!

7. USA Made

Most facial shields are cheap, made in China products that aren’t going to last . Fortunately, all of our face shields are made in the USA and made with top quality SAFE materials! This means that you can not only have confidence in the quality of our products, but you can also have peace of mind that they are made with only approved, safe, materials.

Shopping For Face Shield Visors?

If you are shopping for face shield visors, the FSCVF face shield could be just what you are looking for! To see for yourself, just place your order online today!

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