Quality Face Shields: 5 Reasons Why Our Shields Beat the Competition

quality face shields

Quality face shields aren’t just a necessity, they’re a crucial tool in protecting the lives of many professionals on a daily basis. At AWXC we know that the quality of our PPE products matters which is why we always put forth the extra effort to get every single about our face shields right. We also spend time to regularly review the quality and construction of our shields to be sure that we are still offering the best quality product on the market.

So, what are some of the features that set out face masks apart from the competition?

Quality Face Shields: 5 Reasons Why Our Shields Beat the Competition

1. Safe and Sanitary Packing and Shipping

Safety is paramount to everything that we do here at AWXC and we don’t leave that by the wayside when it comes to packing and shipping! Other companies may be happy to throw some packaging into a box and ship their products, but we believe in going that extra mile.

Our face shields are thoroughly cleaned with a 99% alcohol solution and then shipped with a protective film over the shield to ensure that you receive a crystal clear shield when it arrives at your home. This film is then removed before use.

We don’t just cover our products before shipping, though. Each of our handmade face shields is heat-sealed in a shipping bag filled with nitrogen so that you don’t have to worry about your shield bending or breaking.

2. Completely Adjustable

In addition to the care that we take when shipping our shields, we stand apart from other companies that offer similar products because of the adjustability of our shields. Many other companies only offer a “one size fits all” solution that makes wearing their shields particularly uncomfortable as well as inefficient. Our shields come complete with a high-quality velcro strap, though, which allows for full adjustability of the diameter of the strap that secures the shield to your head. Paired with our ergonomic foam padding, this makes sure that you are comfortable in your shield no matter how long your next shift is!

3. Ergonomic Foam

While we’re on the topic of ergonomic foam, this is another feature of our shields that make us stand apart from the other brands out there. Many other companies don’t pad the headband on their face shields at all and those that do use cheap and uncomfortable plastic to get the job done. At AWXC, however, we know how important comfort is (particularly for those of you working the front lines!). This is why we have invested in a 1/4″ ergonomic form-fitting padding that lines the headband of our shields. This padding keeps you comfortable during work shifts, but it also keeps you from developing those unsightly indentations in your skin that can last for hours after you take your shield off!

4. The Lens of Our Shield is Superior

In addition to safety and security, the utility of a face shield is one of the most important points to focus on when investing in your personal protective equipment. Many of our competitors boast thick lenses on their shields that protect against “everything”, but what they don’t tell you, is that the thickness of those lenses clouds your vision and compromises the accuracy of your work. At AWXC, we know how crucial your role is and how important accuracy is which is why we decided on high-quality optical lenses (22 mil) for each of our products. This means that you’re fully protected during your work but you are also able to complete that work with a high degree of accuracy.

5. Durability

When you invest in a face shield, it’s not an investment that you want to have to keep making on a regular basis, but you also want to ensure that you are protected from contamination at all times. That’s why we threw so much time into researching the structure of our shields – we want you to get as much out of each one of your purchases as possible. So, in addition to the quality of the materials we use to construct your mask, we ensure that each one is handmade in the USA and secured with stainless steel screws that will hold up throughout the life of your shield.

Quality Face Shields: 5 Reasons Why Our Shields Beat the Competition

If you’re looking for quality face shields for your employees, your fellow staff, or anyone else, for that matter, AWXC has exactly what you need! Take a look at our face shield options and see which of our products is right for your needs!

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