Face Shield Mask Offers Patent-Pending Vent Cover

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AT AWXC we take pride in our face shield mask options, but one thing in particular that sets our shields apart from the rest is our patent-pending vent cover.

Face Shield Mask Offers Patent Pending Vent Cover

At AWXC our FSCVF20 face shield is designed to offer protection in a wide range of circumstances from at-home support care to laboratory research. While our shield offers exceptional protection for the wearer we know that not all environments call for the same type of protection. This is why we developed our patent-pending vent cover.

Face Shield Protection and Comfort

Our face shield is designed for protection AND comfort and part of that comfort includes our ergonomic foam band and vent.

Our ergonomic foam band keeps your face shield comfortably against your skin and prevents the edge of your mask from rubbing against and marking your skin even on longer shifts.

Our built-in vent is a vent that’s built into your shield that helps to keep you cooler by allowing better ventilation. It allows for a more comfortable but safe wearing experience and also helps wearers who may feel a little claustrophobic while wearing personal protective equipment to feel a little less uncomfortable.

The Face Shield Cover

The vent in our face shield is a convenient feature, but in some situations, it isn’t ideal – particularly when working in environments where extra protection is required.

Our face shield provides protection against respiratory droplets and splashing, but in higher-risk situations and environments, it’s important to take a little extra care. This is a necessity to lower the potential of exposure to harmful aerosolized droplets. In this instance, a vent in the face shield isn’t ideal and so it’s important to block off the vent. Unfortunately when we looked, we were unable to find any vent plugs for this purpose and the more we thought about it, the more we realized that this was a major problem. So, we set about developing one.

Eventually, our research and development team came up with the ideal solution – our patent-pending vent plug. The removable and reusable plug is easy to clean and can be quickly removed and replaced as needed to provide added protection.

Medical Face Visor Plug Questions

We have had a few people contact us with questions about our visor shield plug, so we thought it best to share those questions and their answers with you.

Q: Will I still be able to breathe with the visor vent plug in place?

A: Of course! The vent in our visor is added for a little extra comfort, but plugging that vent does not impede your ability to breathe, but it does offer added protection against droplet exposure in particularly high-risk situations.

Q: Can I use the vent plug on my visor from another company?

A: No. We don’t recommend this. Our vent covers are designed specifically for the FSCVF20 shield so that they fit to the unique dimensions and curves. Different companies use different visor designs and different materials to manufacture their masks. These differences mean that there are small (and sometimes considerable) differences in the size and shape of differently branded visors so our vent cover isn’t going to protect as it was designed to do on those visors.

It’s important to note that currently there is no universal vent cover available and while this may seem like an inconvenience, it’s to your benefit. Since different shields are differently constructed, using one universal plug for all shields is not practical or safe.

Q: Do I HAVE to get a vent cover?

A: No. You don’t have to get a vent cover for your shield, but we always say that it’s a good idea to have one on hand just in case you should need it. Our covers cost less than $5 and are reusable so you only need to invest in one for your visor and it offers the peace of mind that you have additional protection available when you need it!

Looking For a Shield With a Vent Cover?

If you’re looking for a face shield mask with a vent cover designed to provide protection in higher risk environments our FSCVF20 is exactly what you’re looking for!  Order your shield today to ensure better protection when you need it most!

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