Protective Equipment: How Protective Gear Keeps You Safe

protective equipment

At AWXC we pride ourselves on the quality of our protective equipment and we welcome customers who have questions about personal protective gear and our product in particular. Today we want to answer a question that a few people have asked recently – how does protective equipment keep you safe?

Protective Equipment: How Protective Gear Keeps You Safe

To understand how protective gear helps to keep you safe from contamination, we have to first understand a little bit about the things that it’s protecting you from.

There are many types of contaminants for example:

  • Airborne viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Gasses
  • Caustic chemicals
  • Chemical vapors

We wear safety equipment to stop these contaminants from coming into contact with our bare skin, mucous membranes, or our respiratory airways. If we didn’t wear safety equipment, these substances could come cause a wide range of effects from burning to respiratory distress, to illness, to death!

Let’s take a look at an example.

A medical lab technician who analyses blood samples on a daily basis, must handle blood from a variety of sources. Now, because blood can contain a wide range of pathogens, safety gear like gloves can keep blood samples from coming into contact with their skin. Without gloves, a pathogen from spilled blood could enter an open cut on the technicians hand and infect them with an illness.

What about face shields? How do face shields keep you safe?

Let’s look at a researcher who works in a lab developing treatments for serious illnesses. This researcher must regularly work with dangerous chemicals. During their work there is a possibility for these chemicals to splash or even explode if two incompatible chemicals come together accidentally. In both of these instances, the chemicals could throw particles into the air and send them landing on the researcher’s face. This type of accident could lead to blindness, serious illness, and a wide range of unpleasant side effects.

In the example above, the researcher would wear a face shield which provides a safe shield between their face and anything that might accidentally splash up towards them.

You may say “well, they should just be more careful,” but accidents happen everyday in every type of occupation. Something as simple as a sneeze could jar a researcher’s hand and mix two substances that aren’t meant to be mixed. Without a face shield and other protective wear, that researcher may have had their life ruined by a simple sneeze! Yes, it is important to always be safety conscious, but it’s equally important to recognize that accidents happen and that part of being responsible in the workplace is being prepared in case they do!

Looking For Reliable and Reusable Protective Equipment?

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