Face Shield: Amazon Shopping For a Quality Face Shield

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Shopping for a face shield? Amazon has plenty to offer, but of all of those products for sale on Amazon, how can you be sure that you’re going to get a quality product and not something shipped from overseas? Or something that would fail U.S. quality inspection? We’ve got some answers.

Face Shield: Amazon Shopping For a Quality Face Shield

The best way to be certain that you’re getting a top quality face shield when you shop on Amazon is to buy the FSCVF20. We guarantee every one of our shields and you’ll get

  • A USA made product
  • A USA assembled product
  • The only face shield with optional vent plug
  • A fully assembled shield that’s completely protected during shipping

Of course, you can shop around and see what else you can find, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a faceshield that meets our strict quality control and that comes with such a great warranty!

What Should You Shop For When Shopping For Any PPE?

Whether you are shopping for a mask, a shield, gloves, a gown…whatever PPE you are looking for, you need to be sure that you’re getting a good quality item. We suggest looking at the following…

Country of Origin

Different countries have different quality control processes and standards. To be sure that you get a top-quality piece of protective equipment, you should always purchase a product from the U.S.A. or a country that has comparable safety standards.


One of the biggest factors that went into the development of our PPE was comfort. We know that wearing this type of PPE can be uncomfortable, particularly after a few hours on the job. That’s why we added a thick ergonomic foam band to the headband of our shield. A basic slip of material just won’t do, to be truly comfortable, you need something that lasts much longer!


There are reusable and disposable pieces of safety equipment and your price is going to change based on the type of equipment that you buy. Of course, a durable item that you can reuse over and over again is going to be more expensive, but it is also going to allow you to wear-in that product carefully and save money in the long run!


Whatever PPE you invest in, you need to be able to use that equipment without impeding your ability to do your job. For example, a gown shouldn’t limit your range of motion. When you’re looking at a faceshield, though, you need to make sure that you have an unimpeded field of vision while remaining fully protected against exposure to toxins and other dangers.

Face Shield Amazon Shopping?

If you’re shopping for a face shield on Amazon, we encourage you to take a look at the FSCVF20! Of course, you can just buy it right here from our site, but if you’d prefer to put your Amazon credit to use, we are an official Amazon seller too!

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