Safety Supplies: 5 Ways PPE Protect You and Others

Safety Supplies

At AWXC we specialize in face shields, but there are many different types of personal protective equipment out there designed for your safety and the safety of others. Today we’re talking a little bit about how PPE can keep you safe.

Safety Supplies: 5 Ways PPE Protect You and Others

1. Protection Against Chemical Splashing

If you work in a lab or an environment where you must work with dangerous or caustic chemicals, there is always a danger that you could splash those chemicals on yourself. They may splash on your skin or in your eyes and cause serious problems. Personal protective equipment provides a safe shield between your skin or your eyes and those splashing chemicals.

2. Safety Supplies: Protection Against Contagion

As a healthcare worker or a homecare worker, you can be exposed to a variety of contagions from blood-borne pathogens to airborne illness. Any of these can cause you to become extremely sick and in some cases, you may face a lifetime of illness. Wearing personal protective equipment helps you to avoid those contagions and stay healthy!

3. Protection Against Irritation

Not all chemicals splash on skin, some chemicals like gasses and aerosol chemicals are airborne. When working with these chemicals it can be easy to breathe them in and create irritation in your respiratory tract. This can cause something “simple” like a tickle in your throat or it can be something more serious like burning the delicate tissue of your mucous membranes.

4. Protection Against Spreading

In some instances where you have to work with highly contagious pathogens, it’s crucial that those pathogens are isolated and restricted to a specific location. Allowing those pathogens to spread doesn’t just put others in the area at risk, but it can put the entire world at risk if a pathogen is dangerous enough. With the proper recommended PPE, however, everyone can remain safe while the necessary research is performed on the contagion being studied. Of course, it’s not always so drastic, but it is important to know how important the proper personal protective equipment is in keeping professionals and the rest of the world safe!

5. Protection Against Transportation (And Ruined Clothing!)

Sometimes the right personal protective equipment is just as important for non-research personnel. For example, practicing veterinarians have to wear the necessary protective equipment to protect themselves but also to keep their clothing clean when performing operations and to reduce the chances that things like ticks can latch on to clothing and start feeding on the vet! It may not sound as serious as working directly with contagions, but pests like ticks can actually carry some very serious diseases, so it’s just as important for veterinary staff to stay covered and protected as well!

Looking For Safety Supplies?

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