Work Safety Gear: The Different Types of PPE Available To You

work safety gear

Work safety  gear is designed to protect you from various harmful agents in a wide range of circumstances. Here at AWXC we specialize in facial shields, but there are many other PPE components designed for your safety.

Work Safety Gear: The Different Types of PPE Available To You

When you are regularly exposed to harmful or potentially harmful agents, it’s important that you take every safety precaution possible. Today we’re covering a few of the different types of personal protective gear that you can use to do that!

Face Shield

A face shield is a multi-use piece of personal protective equipment that is used in medical, laboratory, and research settings. The full facial protection of a face shield keeps harmful chemicals and substances from splashing your face, your eyes, and your mouth. A facial shield also provides partial protection for your neck.

Our face shield also has the option of a vent cover too so that you can have that added level of protection in situations where it is necessary.

Face Mask

A face mask offers closer protection over your mouth and is a great addition to a face shield for maximum protection.


Gloves are one of the best pieces of personal protective equipment you can invest in because they are usable in every type of setting. Whether you work in a hospital, a lab, a research facility, or a long term care facility, gloves offer protection while giving you enough flexibility to use your hands freely.

Hard Hats

Hard hats are another crucial part of personal protective equipment particularly for construction workers and anyone working in environments where overhead hazards pose a risk.

High Visibility Vests

High visibility vests are another important addition to personal protective equipment. These vests are usable in a full array of circumstances whether it’s on a construction site or while out hunting. The purpose of these high vis vests is to make sure that you are seen in circumstances where you would otherwise be in danger of not being seen.

Work Boots

Work boots are used mostly in physical or manual labor jobs where there is a possibility of something landing on and crushing the toes or the feet. For example, construction workers often wear work boots with steel toes.

Electricians also wear specialized work boots with electrical hazard protection built into them. These reduce the risk of electrocuting and are a crucial part of an electrician’s uniform!


Goggles are most often used in a laboratory setting or in a workshop where there is a danger of getting caustic or harmful chemicals in your eyes. While goggles are a great line of defense, though, the facial shield is a better option for most because it provides complete facial protection.

Looking For a Facial Shield to Add to Your Work Safety Gear?

If you’re looking for a facial shield to add to your work safety gear, take a look at the FSCVF20! Our durable, adjustable, and reusable face shield is affordable and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty!

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