Face Shield vs Mask: What is the Difference Between the Two?

Face Shield vs Mask

Face shied vs mask…what is the difference between these two pieces of personal protective equipment? Today we’re going to take a look at how these two face coverings compare and why you should invest in both!

Face Shield vs Mask: What is the Difference Between the Two?

Similarities Between the Mask and Face Shield

  • Both the mask and the face shield offer a degree of facial protection from contaminants.
  • Face masks and face shields both cover the mouth and nose and are effective at reducing the risk of transmission of airborne illness.
  • Both face shields and masks are effective in protecting against disease, but only when used properly and in the correct situation in the correct environment. For example, a shield is a great option when working in a science lab when splashing is a concern. A face mask is a good option when you are not in very close confines with people and there is less chance of being exposed to bodily fluids like saliva.

Differences Between the Mask and Face Shield

  • Most non-medical grade face masks are made to keep smog and pollution out of your lungs. Face shields, however, are designed for more general coverage in a wide range of situations.
  • Not all face masks are waterproof, face shields are waterproof, though, and offer a higher degree of protection against large liquid droplets as well as smaller sprays.
  • A face mask can be customized to be more personal than a face shield can be.

Should You Buy a Mask or a Face Shield?

If you are wondering whether you should buy a face mask or a face shield, the answer is that you should invest in both! As you can see from the two lists above, there are more differences than similarities between these pieces of safety wear and it’s to your benefit to get both.

Keep in Mind…

When you compare face masks and face shields, you have to remember that not all masks are created equal.

Different styles of face masks offer different levels of protection. It’s essential to get the maximum level of protection when you buy your face mask and your face shield.

You always want to get the highest level of protection without interrupting the flow of PPE for medical workers. Look into masks that offer a high degree of filtration.

Face shields are not subjected to the same type of rating system as face masks, so it will be easier to purchase a face shield. You do, however, want to be sure that the face shield you purchase is highly rated for safety, has been safety tested, and offers all of the basic features necessary for your protection in the environment that you are used to working in.

Still Shopping For a Durable Reusable Face Shield?

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