Best Face Shield: What Makes the Best Face Shield The Best?

Best Face Shield

What makes the best face shield? What should you be looking for in a face shield to know that you are getting a good investment? That’s exactly what we’re taking a look at today.

Best Face Shield: What Makes the Best Face Shield The Best?

What qualities should you be looking for in a face shield?

Quality Materials

The first feature that any shield should have is that it should be made from quality materials and ONLY quality materials. This means that it should be made in a country where quality control is a priority and where only safe and durable materials are used in product construction.

Buying a cheap faceshield means buying one that is made overseas or made from materials that are not of the best quality. Both of these things can result in disaster for the wearer because they can mean that their health is compromised.

Crystal Clear Lens

Another important quality for the best product out there is that the lens of the shield should be crystal clear.

While your faceshield is designed for safety, that safety should not interfere with your ability to do your job or even just see! After all, how can you do your job if you can’t see properly?

At AWXC, our faceshields all come with a crystal clear lens that is covered with a protective film during shipping to keep that lens in perfect condition for when it is received.


Adjustability is another consideration when purchasing a faceshield or any piece of personal protective equipment.

In order to be effective, a PPE must fit correctly and since no two people are proportioned exactly the same way, that means that adjustability is crucial.

At AWXC our masks are easily adjustable to fit around your head comfortably without being too loose or too tight – both of which can compromise your safety and your comfort!


Speaking of comfort, since many pieces of personal protective equipment are worn for hours on end, it’s crucial that each piece of equipment is designed with comfort in mind. No one wants to wear a faceshield that is going to cut into their skin for their twelve-hour shift!

At AWXC, we included an ergonomic thick foam band around the headband of our shield. This band provides plenty of padding so that the shield does not dig into your skin, but it also helps to keep your shield in place while you work!

Safety Features

Another big consideration when purchasing any personal protective equipment is safety!

The whole purpose of PPE is safety, so if safety features are not incorporated into the design it defeats the whole purpose!

Here at AWXC, we include the option of a vent plug with all of our faceshields. This plug allows the wearer to plug the aeration vent so that in certain situations, they are better protected against exposure to toxins and pathogens.

Are You Shopping For the Best Face Shield?

Are you shopping for the best face shield to keep you and your family safe? The FSCVF20 is a great option for your needs and it offers all of the qualities that you should be shopping for!

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