USA Made PPE Manufacturer Shares 5 Home PPE Needs


Our USA made PPE face shield is designed to help people from all walks of life to limit their exposure to harmful compounds. The people who benefit from the use of these face shields vary from at-home care professionals to those working in medical settings. Today we want to focus on those who utilize their PPE items in a home setting

USA Made PPE Manufacturer Shares 5 Home PPE Needs

Our face shields are particularly useful in providing protection to home care workers, but they are most efficient when combined with additional methods of protection. 


Along with USA Made PPE face shields and face masks, gloves are one of the most important PPE items. There are multiple types of gloves to choose from including vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves. Home care workers should wear gloves whenever they are directly handling contaminated materials or coming into contact with contaminated surfaces.

It’s also important to remember that gloves should be changed whenever there is a tear, puncture, or when they are excessively soiled.

Used gloves should be removed carefully and disposed of properly and once disposed of, home workers must thoroughly wash their hands.

Shoe Protectors

Shoe protectors or shoe covers are not only a means to keep carpets clean in a patient’s home, but they are also a good way to protect against contamination from airborne organisms and spills in the home. Shoe protectors are recommended for use by home care workers when “full barrier” precautions are needed such as in the case of hemorrhagic disease.

Like the gloves noted above, USA Made PPE shoe protectors/shoe covers are disposable and should regularly be replaced and disposed of properly. If contaminated or damaged in some way, shoe covers must be replaced right away to maintain protection.

Face Masks

We have talked about face masks before as a good PPE pairing with our face shields. Where our USA Made PPE face shields protect against splashing and provide reusable, wipeable protection, face masks provide a close respiratory barrier against the nose and mouth.

Face masks are a great option for reducing the number of respiratory droplets expelled into the air and breathed in, but they aren’t ideal when used alone. Without a face shield, face masks can absorb fluids when splattered and they can slide down the face with certain movements. Adding a face shield provides that additional level of protection.

Unlike our face shields, face masks are often disposable and should be carefully removed and disposed of properly and replaced regularly.


Not every home healthcare worker is required to wear a gown, but gowns do provide protection of personal clothing when working closely in contaminated areas or with contaminated materials.

Gowns may be reusable or disposable and should be well-fitting so that they offer protection without posing a danger of getting caught up or snagged while working.

There are various gown designs, but in order to provide full protection, they should completely cover the body and have sleeves that completely cover the arms down to the wrists.

It’s also important to be aware of the specific qualities of different gowns that are necessary for different situations. For example, not all gowns are fluid-resistant, and not all gowns are sterile (“clean” and “sterile” are two different qualities.)

Head Coverings

Face masks and face shields are a great way to protect the skin and face from splashing or contamination when handling or working with contaminants. Masks and shields, however, don’t provide full head coverage.

Most settings do not require complete head coverage and face shields and masks are more than enough to maintain protection. In cases where home care workers are required to wear full barrier protection, however, head coverings are necessary to protect the hair and scalp from contamination.

It’s important to know that medical head coverings and traditional head coverings are not the same type of product. In order to provide full protection, head coverings must be medical in nature and not simply material coverings that are open weave and can allow contaminants to get through.

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