Face Shield PPE Company Share Home Caregiver PPE Advice

Face Shield PPE

Our face shield PPE is a safe and durable shield that provides protection for a wide range of professionals, including home caregivers. That’s why today we’re sharing a little PPE advice for home caregivers.

Face Shield PPE Company Share Home Caregiver PPE Advice

A face shield PPE is one of the most important aspects of personal protective equipment that any health professional can wear whether they’re working in a hospital, a lab, or a care facility. When we talk about the importance of PPE, however, we often neglect to mention the home caregiver.

Home caregivers often face many of the same biological hazards as doctors, nurses, and researchers do in a professional setting. This is why it is so important to make sure that they are well equipped with personal protective equipment as well.

PPE for the home caregiver is about more than wearing a face shield, though. While a face shield is important where respiratory health is concerned, there are other pieces of protective equipment that are also important.

The Face Shield

As we mentioned above, a high-quality face shield is necessary to protect respiratory health by preventing droplets of bodily fluid or splashback from certain medications from coming into contact with the eyes or face. Shields are a method of protection that keeps the wearer and the patient safe. Our FSCVF20-AWXC does just that!


Gloves are another must-have piece of equipment for home healthcare workers and caregivers. In fact, it’s important to keep multiple pairs of gloves on hand at all times to prevent cross-contamination. For the home caregiver, gloves keep bodily fluids and medication splashback from getting on the hands. Gloves also help to keep patients safe by keeping germs away from their skin when their caregiver must come into physical contact with them.

Face Mask

A face mask and face shield are not the same thing. A face mask is a thinner piece of fabric that covers the nose and mouth. In an ideal situation, a caregiver would always have both a mask and a shield to provide maximum protection against exposure and contamination. The face mask allows for more fluid movement, but alone, it does not provide full facial protection. The shield provides full facial protection and durability, but it’s level of protection is increased by adding a mask underneath as this prevents contaminants from entering through any spaces in the facial shield.

We should note that currently there is a considerable shortage on face masks, but fortunately, we have plenty of facial shields available that offer more comprehensive coverage and protection.

Is Your Company In Need of Face Shield PPE?

If your home caregiver company is in need of face shields or if you are a home caregiver, we can help! Take a look at the fscvf20-AWXC and if it’s right for you, place your order online or give us a call today at 800-597-4051 to place your order over the phone.

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