PPE Equipment: Why Choose AWXC PPE Equipment?

PPE Equipment

When it comes to PPE equipment, you have options. At AWXC we know this which is why we want to share with you a few of the ways that our equipment outshines the competition…

AWXC PPE Equipment

At AWXC, our PPE equipment is second to none. The FSCVF face shield has a number of features and comfort assurances built into it so that you don’t have to “grin and bear it” when trying to make it through those grueling double shifts. Let’s take a look at some of those features…


One of the biggest complaints that we saw from people using our competitors face shields was that they felt like they weren’t able to breathe properly. The shield felt closed in and it felt as though there was no ventilation at all. Our FSCVF shields are built with heat buildup in mind, so we made sure that there was plenty of ventilation so that you don’t get that stuffy feeling, but we were sure to do it in such a way that the integrity of your shield was not compromised.

Fog-Free Shielding!

Another common problem with some of our competitors face shields is that they fog up. This isn’t just problematic because it’s uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous, particularly when you work in a medical profession! Our unique build of the FSCVF shield prevents that buildup of condensation and heat so that you don’t have to keep stopping your task at hand just so you can wipe away the “fog”!


Many PPE face shields out there leave a lot to be desired when it comes to comfort. One of our biggest focal points when creating the FSCVF shield was comfort. We know that having to spend hours at a time in your face shield can be uncomfortable for a number of reasons – the weight of a face shield, the indentation on the face and head, the “one size fits all” that doesn’t actually fit all…well, we kept it all in mind as we drew up the prototype for our face shield. Our face shields are lightweight while still being made of quality materials. Our ventilation feature keeps heat and fog from building up. Our form-fitting buffer at the top of each shield ensures that you never have to suffer through that painful indentation problem again!

Chemical Resistance

Not all face shields are created equal. Here at AWXC we know that many of our customers work with various chemicals on a daily basis and we kept that in mind when creating our shields. We made sure that our shields offer protection while also being chemically resistant so you don’t have to worry about keeping your shield sanitary because of the possibility of damaging your shield.

Affordability Without Sacrificing Quality

At AWXC, our products are all made in the USA and made to very exacting standards. That said, we have also worked hard to ensure that we utilize every tool we have at our disposal to keep our overhead low. That means that less cost gets passed on to you, so you can purchase our face shield for considerably less than our competitors, but you don’t have to worry about “cheap” materials or shoddy workmanship!


One of the bigger concerns with budget-priced face shields is that they are made with lower-quality materials. In some cases, this means a viewable window that is less than clear. Now, the clarity of your field of vision when wearing a face shield should never be compromised, no matter what you are doing, which is why you should never sacrifice the quality of your shield. Our unique face shields are designed to remain crystal clear throughout the lifetime of the product so that you’re never having to battle against a cloudy field of vision. That means that your patients, employers, researchers, and everyone in between can have confidence that you are protected at all times and that they can rely on your quality of service.

Interested in AWXC PPE Equipment?

If you’re ready to purchase your AWXC face shields, you can order directly through our online store. If you’re interested in purchasing AWXC PPE equipment but would like to know more about our products before purchasing, contact us at 800-597-4051 (Toll Free) and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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