Medical Face Shield: 3 Industries That Benefit From Our Shields

Medical Face Shield

There is no doubt that the medical face shield is a lifesaver for doctors, but did you know that there are many other industries that benefit from face shields as well? Today we’re going to take a look at just a few…

Medical Face Shield: 3 Industries That Benefit From Our Shields

1. Researchers

Much like doctors, researchers can often be put in a position where they have to handle biohazardous substances. While these individuals are dedicated to their jobs and often don full decontamination gear for serious hazards, but there are many substances that fall below that threshold. For these substances, it’s important that researchers remain protected, but full decontamination suits are excessive and certainly limiting when working in a lab setting. In this type of situation, the face shield is a great asset because it provides a splashguard and serves as a barrier between the researcher and the substance they are researching. Our shields also allow for a full range of motion while still being comfortable to wear – yes, even for 12-hour shifts!

2. Veterinarians

Veterinarians do much the same job as doctors but on a different variety of patients. Despite the difference in the population being treated, however, there is still the need for protection from hazardous and biological materials. Wearing a face shield helps for veterinarians to protect themselves against contamination with zoonotic illnesses that can be spread through respiratory droplets. Shields also help veterinarians to avoid the possibility of coming into contact with bodily fluids from patients. For example, during surgeries, the last thing a veterinarian needs is for bodily fluids to get into their eyes! Face shields also prevent the possibility of splashback when working with chemicals and medications.

3. Dentists

Doctors work with ill patients on a daily basis, but people often forget that dentists are also frequently exposed to illness. Face shields help dentists to avoid contact with respiratory droplets while they are in very close contact with patients while working inside their mouths. This reduces the chances that respiratory illnesses will be passed from patient to dentist. Face shields also help to keep bodily fluids from coming into contact with the dentist’s skin. This is particularly important. If you have ever had a filling or professional cleaning, you know that the process isn’t always neat. Saliva and goodness knows what else can easily fly up into your dentist’s face, so it’s crucial that they have a protective shield in place.

Does Your Industry Rely on the Medical Face Shield?

Does your company use a face shield on a regular basis? If so, we encourage you to give the FSCVF20 a try. Our top of the line face shield is protective, durable, and comfortable, and it even comes with a lifetime warranty! Have questions about our shields? Give us a call today at 800-597-4051 and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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