Face Shield Visors: CDC Guidance For Visor Use

Face Shield Visors

To be fully effective, face shield visors must be used correctly, which is why today, we’re going to look over the CDC guidance for visor/face shield use.

Face Shield Visors: CDC Guidance For Visor Use

Before we delve into the CDC recommendations and guidelines for face shield use, it’s important that we highlight the difference between face shields and face masks.

Face Masks Vs. Face Shields

Face masks are generally cloth coverings or medical grade paper-like coverings that fit closely against the mouth and nose. Face shields, however, are made from a hard plastic-like material. These fields have a “headband” which secure them to the head while the shield portion of the mask wraps around the face and the sides of the head. Face shields do not fit as closely to the face as masks do, but they offer more durable protection and more freedom of movement.

Protective face shields offer protection against a wide variety of possible contaminants, but they are not a substitute for face masks. It is recommended that anytime you rely on a face shield for protection against respiratory particles, you also wear a face mask for maximum protection.

CDC Advice

When it comes to face shields, the CDC does not recommend using them for most everyday activities simply because they are not practical, and do not offer complete protection without the addition of a mask. But, when should you use a face shield?

If you are going to be in close contact with someone during the time of a pandemic for a prolonged period, a face shield is a practical second barrier of protection that is durable and can be reused.

Face Shield Use

Although it’s not recommended that face shields be used without a face mask for protection against respiratory droplets.if you do choose to rely on a face shield alone for this purpose, however, the CDC advises that the shield should wrap around the sides of the face and extend down below the chin.

The CDC also reminds you that if you purchase a disposable face shield, you should only use that shield for the recommended period of time and not beyond that time period. The reason for this is because over time these disposable masks can degrade and become less effective at protecting you against contamination and exposure.

We’d also like you to keep in mind, that our face shields are not disposable. Our shields can be used repeatedly for ongoing protection so long as they are used properly and regularly cleaned with an approved cleanser according to our cleaning instructions. With any face shield, you should be certain to clean and disinfect your shield after each and every use.

Our Recommendation

Our AWXC shield is durable and comfortable to wear (even for those long shifts), and it’s easily cleaned after use. If you do plan on using your shield on a very regular basis, we recommend picking up a second shield so that you can thoroughly clean your shield between uses.

Are You In Need of Face Shield Visors?

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Our face shields are professionally constructed and are American made. Made from durable materials, each shield features a protective and comfortable headband that keeps the shield from becoming uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing. Our shields are also built to last so that you can have peace of mind that you remain safely protected. Plus, they are easy to clean so that at the end of a long day at work, you can quickly and efficiently clean your shield without having to worry about hard-to-clean nooks and crannies.

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