Face Shield – Clear Vision With Full Facial Protection

Face Shield - Clear Vision With Full Facial Protection

With a good quality face shield, clear vision should never be a problem, but you also shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for a clear line of vision! We kept this in mind when we created the FSCVF20.

Face Shield – Clear Vision With Full Facial Protection

When you invest in a face shield, clear vision is crucial, but so too is the level of protection that the shield offers. At AWXC, we know how important it is that you get a quality product that will last, which is why we put so much time into developing our products.

What does our face shield offer you that other face shield companies don’t?

A Lifetime Warranty

One of the things that we offer here at AWXC that most other companies don’t offer is a lifetime warranty. Our warranty covers your face shield against defects in the shield – lens scratches excluded. If your face shield arrives and has defects, just drop us a note and let us know and we’ll make sure that you get a replacement.

Our Vent Plug

Our vent plug makes our face shield stand apart from the competition because it is an optional addition that you can use to plug the vent of your face shield when needed. That means that if you are in a situation where you need added protection, you can plug the vent, but if you don’t need it, you can have a little more free flow of air while you protect your skin.

We Are a Made in the USA Company

Many companies choose to source materials and labor overseas. Doing this allows them to create cheap products so that companies can get more profit out of every product that they ship. At AWXC, we keep our costs low, but we do it while still keeping our masks of top quality construction. We use premium materials and USA labor to be sure that every one of our face shields is up to the proper safety standard that you deserve. We also love the fact that we are able to provide employment opportunities to fellow Americans!

You can always take comfort in using our face shields knowing that you are protected to the max and not being exposed to any type of toxic or harmful chemicals that often find their way into products made overseas.

Ergonomic Foam

Ergonomic foam is one of the additions to our face shields that our customers enjoy the most. Not only does it keep our face shields perfectly in place while you work, but it also ensures that you are comfortable throughout your shift and you don’t wind up with an indentation on your forehead even after the longest shift at work!

Looking For a Face Shield? Clear Vision and Full Protection a Necessity?

If you are shopping for a face shield and clear vision and full protection of your face, take a look at the FSCVF20! For just over $25, you can get a top quality reusable face shield that fits the bill!

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