Face Shield Visor Company Shares Back To Work COVID-19 Tips

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As the top selling face shield visor company on Amazon, our priority is keeping people safe. As we return back to work it becomes even more important to adhere to safety regulations and recommendations, so today we’re going to share some top tips for safety.

Face Shield Visor Company Shares Back To Work COVID-19 Tips

So, what tips should you follow as we head back out into the world after being locked down for so long?

Have Your Protective Coverings With You At All Times!

Whether you have masks, shields, gloves, or everything in between, make sure that you keep your safety gear with you at all times. We also recommend that you keep a spare mask in your car glovebox or center console at all times in case you should need it while you are out or in case you forget yours!

(Just remember, if you do use the mask backup you have in your car, take it inside with you and wash it if it’s reusable, and replace it with a clean mask. If you use disposable masks, throw away your used mask and be sure to put a new one in your car right away so you don’t forget!)

What Do I Do When My Face Shield Visor Gets Dirty? How Do I Transport it Without Getting Germs Everywhere?

This is actually a very common question! Say you wear your face shield at work and after work, you don’t want to take that “exposed” shield home with you…so what do you do?

We advise taking a small travel container of cleaner with you wherever you go. Keep one in your purse or in your locker at work. This way, when you are ready to head home you can put your face mask on and thoroughly clean your face shield so that you’re not taking a possibly contaminated face shield visor anywhere! Once your visor is completely clean, you can put it back in your locker at work or take it home with you!

Continue Social Distancing

Even though more people are heading out and vaccinations are being given, it’s still just as important to keep up social distancing. Keep a six foot distance between you and anyone who you interact with throughout the day  to keep everyone safe.


If you are like most people, you have taken up a decontamination routine since COVID-19  began. Be mindful to keep up with this routine as you head back out. This means keeping hand sanitizer on hand, disinfecting surfaces and countertops regularly, changing your clothes when you come home, washing your hands thoroughly for a full 20 seconds with an antibacterial soap.

Even if these decontamination tips seem a little excessive, we remind you that it’s far better to be safe than sorry!

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