Facial Shields: Can You Wear a Facial Shield Instead of a Mask?

Facial Shields

At AWXC we have developed facial shields that are comfortable, durable, and most of all, protective. They are ideal for a number of uses. But recently, we’ve had a number of clients ask whether a facial shield can serve as a substitute for a mask. Today we want to address that question.

Can You Wear a Facial Shield Instead of a Mask?

With the current pandemic, many people are contacting us to ask whether our facial masks are a substitute for a cloth mask. Well, the answer is no, but let us tell you why…

Facial shields can provide protection against exposure to bodily fluids (like spittle) for individuals who are unable to wear traditional masks due to health reasons.

For the average person, though, a facial shield is a good ADDITIVE to a face mask but not a substitute.

As we mentioned above, a facial shield is a good barrier for bodily fluids like spittle. So, were you to work with someone who has a virus, you could protect your face from their spittle as they are talking to you.

That said, a more traditional face mask is also a good barrier of protection as it provides a closer barrier of protection by covering your nose and mouth.

There are benefits to both the shield and the mask.

For example, the facial shield is

  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Fully protective over the face

The face mask is

  • Closer fitting
  • Sometimes reusable
  • More flexible

Both shields and masks are beneficial for a number of uses – not just in a pandemic situation, but each provides a different type of protection, so it’s best to combine both of these pieces of personal protective equipment for optimal protection.

So, in short, no, a shield is not a replacement for a mask, but it is a good addition to a facial mask for full protection.

Our facial shields are a particularly good option for you if…

  • Are working in a laboratory environment
  • Are working with substances or fluids that can splash
  • Are working directly with someone who has a highly contagious illness
  • Are a care worker
  • Are working in a public situation during a pandemic (for example, working at a shipping store)

If you are unsure whether a shield is the right choice for you, try talking to your doctor. Your doctor will be able to give you advice based on your personal situation – whether or not you are at high risk for exposure. If you are considering using a facial shield for work, talk with your boss, they will be able to let you know whether a shield is a good option for your working position.

Are You Looking For Durable Facial Shields?

If you are looking for reusable, durable facial shields, take a look at our FSCVF20! Have questions about the FSCVF20? Just give us a call at 800-597-4051 (Toll-Free) and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have!

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