Faceshield Amazon Buyers Can’t Get Enough Of!

Faceshield Amazon

Today we’re talking about the faceshield Amazon buyers can’t get enough of – the AWXC FSCVF20! That’s right, we have officially become an Amazon.com seller and our face shields are selling faster than ever!

Faceshield Amazon Buyers Can’t Get Enough Of!

Faceshield demand is on the rise and here at AWXC, we wanted to give our customers more options for purchasing our products which is why we recently joined the Amazon.com family.

You can now find the AWXC FSCVF20 face shield on Amazon.com! While there are many similar products on Amazon, when you are shopping don’t be fooled! Only the FSCVF20 carries the AWXC name, any other brand and you’re not getting the guaranteed quality that we offer with every product that we make!

The FSCVF20 we sell on Amazon is identical to the face shield that we sell right here on our own site. It’s a durable and reusable polycarbonate lens shield that features our exclusive ergonomic foam headband to ensure your comfort all day long. You can also be sure that your shield will arrive in pristine condition when you shop with us! Each and every one of our products comes with the polycarbonate lens covered with a protective film so that there is no scuffing of that lens during the shipping process. All you have to do when your package arrives is to peel off that film (and it comes off easily, so you don’t have to worry about it ripping during removal!). We should also note that while this protective film is adhered to the lens of your shield, it is not adhered with a thick adhesive that would leave any kind of residue behind after removal and nor does it create cloudiness or distortion of the lens once removed.

Why not buy cheaper alternatives through Amazon? Well, you may find cheaper products but those products aren’t of the quality of our FSCVF20. What makes us so different from those cheaper alternatives?

  • Our products are all made right here in the U.S.A so you are supporting our economy and you don’t have to wait forever to receive your shipment!
  • Each of our products comes with a lifetime guarantee because we are that confident in the quality and durability of everything that we manufacture.
  • Your purchase comes fully assembled and ships in protective packing so that you don’t run the risk of scratching the lens during construction!
  • We are the only shield company on the market currently offering up an optional patent-pending vent plug that increases your protection while wearing your shield in areas where an added layer of protection is required.

Looking to Buy a Faceshield, Amazon Shoppers?

If you’re looking to spend that Amazon gift card and are looking for a reliable and sturdy reusable face shield, check out our listing for the FSCVF20 face shield on Amazon!

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