White Face Shield Company Shares What Experts Say About Face Shields

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Here at AWXC, we recently added our new white banded face shield to our product lineup. We thought that this was the perfect time to review some of what the experts are saying about face shields.

White Face Shield Company Shares What Experts Say About Face Shields

Experts agree that although face shields have generally been used in industries where “splatter” is a possibility when combined with a face mask and proper handwashing, the face shield offers enhanced protection for anyone looking to reduce the possibility of transmission of illness among other things.

Splatter Protection

It’s important to note here that face shields are not designed primarily to protect against exposure to viral agents so the additional safety steps noted above must be taken. What these shields do, however, is to keep any contracted illness from being spread from the infected agent to anyone else. For example, if you had the flu and had to be in a situation where you would be in contact with others – perhaps in a doctor’s office – a face shield can serve as a protective barrier to prevent your respiratory droplets from infecting those around you.

As we mentioned above, shields are particularly helpful in situations where splatter is a possibility and unfortunately, illness can cause “respiratory splatter” such as saliva or mucus too.

Face Touching

Another concern in a variety of situations is touching the face. Individuals who have been exposed to chemicals, viral agents, bacteria, etc. can quite easily ingest these substances just by touching their nose or mouth. It may be something as simple as a cough or sneeze, but touching your face to cover your nose or mouth can lead to the ingestion of harmful agents that can lead to sickness.

Wearing a face mask helps to decrease the level of “face touching” in these situations, but they still make it possible. Wearing a face shield in addition to a face mask, though, provides additional protection that makes it exceptionally difficult to unknowingly touch the face.

The Caveats

Doctors advise that while adding a face shield to your facemask provides additional protection for yourself and others around you, they also emphasize the point that MOST face shields are only single-use. Unfortunately, because these shields are disposable, they are not ideal for many people or professions particularly in a time of crisis.

At AWXC, though, our facemasks were designed with this problem in mind. We designed and built a strong and long-lasting face shield that ensures that a shortage of shields never becomes an issue for you. With that said, we must highlight how crucial it is to properly clean and sanitize our shields after each and every use. We also want you to be sure to follow our cleaning instructions to ensure that your shield lasts for a long time to come!

Lastly, doctors emphasize that in order to receive the maximum level of protection from a face shield, it MUST be worn with a face mask. When worn alone, shields are able to protect against the splatter we mentioned above, but they do not cover the nose and mouth tightly in the same way as a mask which means that they have to be combined to provide more comprehensive protection.

Why Not Just Wear a Mask Then?

You may be asking yourself – why not just wear a face mask instead? Well, there are a couple of reasons for this…

  • The more comprehensive protection you have, the better, and combining masks and shields can provide that type of protection.
  • Due to their nature, face masks don’t hold up well to longterm use, but combining them with a face shield can help masks to be more longlasting.
  • During pandemics, face masks may be exceptionally difficult to obtain. When this happens, homemade masks provide less protection than traditional masks and combining them with face shields improves the level of protection they provide.
  • Splash guard, splash guard, splash guard! Masks are more porous than face shields and so when splashing or moisture exposure is a problem, shields are a MUST.

Want to Take a Look at Our New White Face Shields?

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