Face Shield Visor: The FSCVF20 – AWXC Vs. the Competition

Face shield visor

The FSCVR20-AWXC face shield visor is our top selling face shield, and today we’re going to take a closer look at what it has to offer. More specifically, we are going to talk about how the FSCVF20 compares to the competition.

Face Shield Visor: The FSCVF20 – AWXC Vs. the Competition

The AWSC facial visor may look like any other facial shield, but today we’re taking a closer look at the features that set the FSCVF20 apart from the rest.

Produced Under Strict Quality Guidelines

It may seem like a point that we bring up a little too regularly, but the strict quality guidelines that are followed when making our face shields are one of the main reasons why our shields are so popular.

At AWXC, our facial shields are handmade in the U.S.A. which means that by law each facility that is used during production is overseen by U.S. authorities and is held to high standards of U.S. production. That doesn’t just mean that you get a high-quality facial shield, though, it also means that you don’t have to worry about the materials used in our shields either! Our shields are made with only legal materials of the utmost quality!

Our Removable Vent Plug

Traditional facial shields offer limited ventilation to help you to avoid overheating while at work. This ventilation vent is a necessity to prevent a buildup of heat that can be frustrating and detract from your concentration. Unfortunately, while having this ventilation aids in dissipating heat, it also opens you up to contamination from the very substances that you are trying to protect yourself from. That’s the very reason why we developed our vent plug! Available for separate purchase, our vent plug gives you the option to cover up that vent and prevent contamination when working closely with contaminants.

Our Facial Shield Lens Isn’t Just Plastic

Some of the cheaper face shields on the market use flimsy plastic for the visor. While this plastic gives the illusion of any other facial shield, it presents a few problems. Firstly, it’s flimsy nature means that it can easily crack and scratch. This creates a significant problem for professionals who depend on a crystal clear line of sight to get their job and research complete.

Another common problem with cheaper plastic lenses is that they can easily be damaged by certain types of chemicals and agents. Damage to a facial shield doesn’t just result in a compromise of the visor itself, but it also presents the possibility of your getting splashed by or exposed to dangerous substances. The FSCVF20 avoids this problem by relying on scientific research and development as we developed our Polycarbonate optical quality lens (high-end optics 22 mils.) This allows for a crystal clear field of vision while also being protective against splashes and other methods of contamination. To ensure that this visor lens is as clear as it was when it left our hands, we also put a protective film over the lens before shipping. Once you receive your visor all you have to do is peel off that protective film and you’ve got a clear and intact visor lens!

They’re Not Made By Machines

Machines have many great applications in the world, but we don’t believe that they have any place in creating our final product. Why? Well, we want to be certain that EVERY face shield that leaves our facility is up to our quality standards. That’s why we assemble every one of our shields by hand. It allows us to inspect every detail of every product that we send out so that we can be sure that you are getting the protection that you’re paying for. We check for any compromises in the lens of the shield, we ensure that all stainless steel screws are properly tightened, we make sure that there are no faults of any kind in each final shield that may result in the possibility of your exposure to dangerous contaminants. Your safety is our utmost concern and we feel that having human eyes on every product that leaves our hands allows us to make sure that you are always protected.

Do You Need to Replace Your Current Face Shield Visor?

If it’s about time for you to replace your current face shield then it’s time that you headed over to the FSCVF20-AWXC product page and took a closer look at our best seller today! Have questions? Just pick up the phone and give us a call at 800-597-4051(Toll-free) and let us know how we can help!

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