Pink Full Face Shields: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Shield!

full face shields

Full face shields are what we specialize in here at AWXC and our FSCVF20 shield is our top of the line best-selling mask. While it is a best-seller, recently we decided to add a little something special to the design for those of you who love a little splash of color.

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Shield!

Our FSCVF20 – AWXC™ Face Shield is a one size fits all PPC mask that weighs just 3.3 oz. and is made in the U.S. The large vent at the top of the shield is designed to prevent your overheating for optimal comfort. What truly makes our masks stand out from the competition, though, is that our masks have a 1/4″ ergonomic foam band for comfort.

Our ergonomic foam band form fits to your head so that even those 12-hour shifts are comfortable and you don’t have to go home from work with indentations from your PPE gear. Our original design has a black and blue highlighted band, but recently, we added something different to the mix! We’ve added a pink highlight band option to the FSCVF20 – AWXC™ so now you can choose between pink and blue.

Your face shield arrives fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about putting your shield together properly when it arrives. Speaking of arrival, our shields are made and assembled in the U.S. so you get them in hand much faster than you would if you ordered from overseas. In fact, if you order between one and five masks, we do our best to get your order out the next business day after you place your order. Larger orders may take a little longer to put together but if you have questions about processing time or if you are in a time crunch, we encourage you to give us a call at 800-597-4051 and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

We also want to remind you that we do offer Medical Facility Front Liners orders an extra discount. (Medical facility front liners include: EMT, Firefighters, Doctors, ER, Nurses, etc).

Are You Looking For Sturdy and Reliable Full Face Shields?

If you’re looking for sturdy and reliable full face shields for your professional or personal needs, we’ve got you covered! Order your FSCVF20 face shields today to get them in hand ASAP.

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