Full Face Shield: What You Need to Know About the FSCVF20

Full Face Shield

Our full face shield – the FSCVF20 – is one of the top-selling face shields on Amazon. But what is it that makes the FSCVF20 stand out from the competition? Here’s what you need to know…

Full Face Shield: What You Need to Know About the FSCVF20

Made in America

With face shields and PPE equipment in high demand, many people are having trouble with their purchases from other companies not arriving on time because they’re being shipped from overseas. At AWXC, we manufacture all of our products right here in the U.S.A. so you won’t have to wait for two weeks for your products to arrive.

Lifetime Warranty

Not all PPE equipment comes with a warranty and when it does, that warranty is almost always a limited warranty that extends for just a year after your purchase. At AWXC, we have such confidence in our products that we include a lifetime warranty with your purchase.

Optional Vent Plug

One of the features that makes our face shield so unique is the optional vent plug. Our face shields include a vent that ensures your comfort because it prevents fogging of your shield and it keeps you from overheating during long shifts. In some instances, however, it’s necessary to block off this vent when working in hazardous conditions.


Our FSCVF20 facial shield is completely adjustable so that it can be adjusted to fit any head circumference. The secure band easily adjusts without bunching or loosening over time so that even during those long shifts, you can remain comfortable.


With the increased demand for personal protective equipment, many companies are increasing their prices to make a higher profit. We don’t believe that companies should take advantage of customers in need, which is why we price all of our products reasonably and still ensure that they come fully covered by our warranty.

Ergonomic Comfort

Our shields also come with a thick band of ergonomic foam that holds your shield in place and prevents indentations on your skin even when you have to work long shifts. Much thicker than foam bands on other facial shields, our foam is made to last which is why we include that lifetime warranty!

Extra Care in Shipping Your Full Face Shield

When we ship our products to you, we take every step possible to ensure that your product gets to you in pristine condition. We don’t just throw a flattened face shield into a shipping box and hand it off to the shipping company, we go the extra mile. Each of our face shields is fully assembled prior to shipping and has the lens protected by a removable film. We then place each one into a protective bag filled with nitrogen and sealed tightly. This means no scraping, bumping, or knocking of your purchase during the shipping process.

Are You Looking For a Full Face Shield For Your Protection?

Are you in the market for a reliable and durable full face shield? The FSCVF20 has all of the qualities you need for your protection and it’s affordable too. Pick up your protective shield now on our FSCVF20 product page.

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