The Face Shield: 5 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Use Them

face shield

The face shield has been making news lately because of the role it’s been playing in stopping the spread of contagions. Although many people are just now learning about the usefulness of the face shield, the truth is that medical professionals have been relying on these PPE‘s for a very long time.

The Face Shield: 5 Reasons Why Medical Professionals Use Them

1. Improved Protection

When we talk about medical settings, professionals are often exposed to contaminants that can be inhaled. Although a traditional medical mask over the mouth and nose can provide protection, a face shield provides improved protection. There are two ways to do this – firstly, and most advisable, wearing the shield over a facemask for a double layer of protection. Secondly, when compared to the use of a traditional face mask, the face shield has shown to protect against contamination in closer proximity to patients than the traditional mask is able to.

2. Durability

Another benefit of the face shield is that it’s a very durable piece of personal protection equipment. Because of the materials used in constructing a face shield, the shield can be used for a much longer period than the more traditional face mask. Fabric materials can last a while, but the need to constantly wash them quickly causes the fabric itself to break down. The face shield, however, uses a tougher material that can be wiped down after each use. Wiping down a face shield has no impact on the construction of the shield itself unlike the impact of repeated washing on a face mask.

3. Easier Communication

Where more traditional face masks cover the mouth and nose and make it much more difficult to see facial expressions, the clear face shield does not. This makes it particularly useful in fields where compassion is a very important part of the job as well as when working with those who are hard of hearing or deaf. By using a face shield, many medical professionals are able to protect themselves against contaminants while also being able to properly communicate with patients in a caring way.

You’d be surprised just how important facial expressions are in our daily lives!

4. Lower Cost

Face shields are a great cost-saving investment for many healthcare institutions because they are such durable pieces of PPE. Being so easy to wipe clean and reuse and being made from such durable materials, face shields like our FSCVF20 – AWXC™ Face Shields can be used for extended periods without needing to be replaced. This saves money for companies that purchase PPE’s for their employee and it helps employees to save money when they have to purchase their own personal protective equipment.

5. Comfort

A fabric mask may look like it’s more comfortable than a shield due to size and material, but this actually couldn’t be further from the truth! Many individuals who have to wear PPE all day prefer the use of shields because they are more comfortable – especially our FSCVF20 which has a foam band to keep the shield from digging into your skin! Another comfort is that these shields aren’t as tightly bound to your mouth and nose as traditional masks. This makes them particularly helpful for those with respiratory concerns, those working in hot climates, and anyone who feels claustrophobic with a mask against their mouth and nose all day. Lastly, face shields also allow for a much wider range of motion while remaining protected and not having to worry about the shield falling off or slipping down. Face masks, however, leave wearers worried that every move they make is going to cause their mask to slip down.

Does Your Company Rely on Face Shields?

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