Disposable Face Shields: 5 Drawbacks to Disposable Shields

Disposable Face Shields

Disposable face shields are one way to keep your face covered, but at AWXC, we offer the FSCVF20. The FSCVF20 is a reusable face shield that gives you premium coverage and protection. Why do we prefer the reusable face shield over the disposable one? Here are a few reasons…

Disposable Face Shields: 5 Drawbacks to Disposable Shields

1. Waste!

One of the biggest drawbacks to using disposable face shields is waste! In an age where we are all doing everything we can to help to save the environment before it’s too late, disposable products only work against that effort.

2. Expense!

When you purchase a reusable face shield, you will pay more upfront for the product itself – although, at AWXC, we always price our products to make them affordable for everyone. When you use disposable products, however, you will pay much more in the long run.

Disposable products are designed for one use only and that means having to purchase in bulk. Imagine if you needed to wear a face shield every day – that’s over 360 individual shields you’d have to buy!

3. Supply Issues

Another common problem with personal protective equipment like face shields is the interruption of supply. Think back to the beginning of the current pandemic – PPE couldn’t be found anywhere even for hospital workers! This is one of the biggest concerns with disposable products – you have to keep buying replacements, but when there is an interruption in supply, you can’t always do that!

There is also the consideration of shipping interruptions. As you probably know, the postal system is so backlogged at the minute that things just aren’t getting where they need to go by the time that they should get there! If you are depending on the delivery of PPE products and that delivery doesn’t happen on time, you are in trouble!

4. Cheaper Construct

Disposable PPE equipment is frequently made from cheaper material. This means that disposable products are often flimsier and sometimes even less protective than a more sturdy reusable product.

Don’t get us wrong – disposable PPE can be very safe, but when they are made cheaply or made in countries that have very poor quality control, they are a very poor investment that just doesn’t match up to better constructed and reusable products.

5. Less Vigilance

When you use a piece of reusable personal protective equipment, you are more careful about how you handle that item. You are sure to disinfect it thoroughly after use so that it is thoroughly cleaned for the next time you need to use it.

When you use disposable products, though, you tend to be less careful about your handling of the product. For example, you use a disposable mask and thinking that it’s disposable, you take it off and throw it away, and that’s that. Only, it’s not. You have handled that mask and now you have contaminated hands. When you take off your reusable PPE, you wash and disinfect it straight away, so that you also clean and disinfect your hands too!

Tired of Throwing Away Disposable Face Shields?

If you’re tired of throwing away disposable face shields and want to invest in a quality, reusable option, we invite you to take a look at our FSCVF20! You can quickly and easily buy your shield online and it’ll be shipped to you, fully protected and fully assembled, in no time at all!

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